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​​​​​​​​​There is enough waste heat produced in the EU to heat EU's entire building stock; there is just not the heating distribution network available to transport it to where it is needed and can be used. ​CELSIUS, which stands for Combined Efficient Large-Scale Integrated Urban S​ystems, will enable the capture and utilization of the secondary energy that is generated within cities every day and that is otherwise lost to the atmosphere.

An EU project in the large scale deployment of smart energy cities, CELSIUS demonstrates and promote​s integration of smart district heating and smart district cooling. CELSIUS supports committed European cities to maximize the utilization of its primary and secondary energy resources in an integrated way that minimizes its operational costs and carbon emissions while maximizing its energy efficiency. The CELSIUS project will support EU's aspiring 20-20-20 goals. 
December, 2013​
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​November 15, 2013
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CELSIUS City Vision

Imagine a competitive, liveable and resource-efficient city. Imagine a smart energy city with intelligent heating and cooling solutions. This is your city – a CELSIUS City. CELSIUS City has established an intelligent heating system covering virtually all the households and commercial buildings in the appropriate high density areas of more

District Heating

District heating is a heating system consisting of a heating plant and a pipe network filled with hot water. The hot water is circulated by pumps, from the heating plant to the client and back again to the heating plant. A heat exchanger at the customer transfers the heat from the district heating network to the building's own heating and hot water systems more

DH to White Goods

There is a general drive in society to be more efficient with and reduce our use of electricity, and as part of that to utilise other available energy sources. Though it is still in the early utilisation phase this demonstrator is testing an additional way to use a district heating network in the operation of certain household appliances (white goods) and in doing so more